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When it comes to culture, Salamanca is a destination not to be missed. It only tales a stroll through the streets to see the centuries of history, art and learning that have made it a universal city. Discover everything this city has to offer, renowned and lively on account of its students. Salamanca is known as the city of thought and knowledge, but here you will also find art and beauty. Its old town has the UNESCO World Heritage designation, and is home to a magnificent ensemble of monuments, with outstanding examples of different architectural styles: Romanesque, Gothic, Baroque, Plateresque... The University, besides being one of Spain's oldest, is also one of the country's best examples of Renaissance architecture. Salamanca continues to be an important centre for cultural encounters and exchange in the present day too. In 2002 it was European City of Culture.

At the end of this page you will find a list of the city's main museums and monuments. To ensure that you do not miss anything during your stay, head for the Tourist Office, where they will give you detailed information on routes, itineraries and visits. In Salamanca you can also discover some of the most emblematic places in an original way, such as the "Ieronimus" exhibition at the Cathedral.

The "Ieronimus" exhibition will show you the Cathedral and its famous medieval towers: the route inside the building displays its 900 years of art and history. You will also have the chance to see the spectacular view of the city from the Anaya Terrace and the Mocha Tower.


Variety and traditional flavours. When it is time to eat, you will find variety and top-quality produce in Salamanca. Going out for tapas is the typical way to sample the specialities of each establishment.

The city has a large number of restaurants and bars, meaning you can savour all types of food: from traditional, home-style dishes, to creative and international cuisine, as well as restaurants specialising in meat, seafood and fish. It is easy to discover all this variety because many of the bars and restaurants are located around the historic centre. As far as prices are concerned, there is something for every budget. The majority of establishments have set menus available for under €10. If you want to try the house specialities and order à la carte, it will cost about €30.

While in Salamanca you should try typical products such as cured meats and Guijuelo ham, Armuña lentils, morucha beef, and sweets such as perrunillas (pastries) and bollo maimón (kind of sponge). Be sure to try hornazo too. It is a pie filled with egg and other delicious ingredients (pork loin, chorizo sausage, ham...). It was traditionally eaten during Easter week, although can now be found all year round.

The art of "going out for tapas"
In the centre of Salamanca you can enjoy one of the local people's favourite gastronomic customs: going out for tapas. When you go into the city's bars and taverns you will notice that, in almost all of them, when you order a drink you are also given an aperitif to go with it. This is the tapa. It is usually served whether you order it or not, because it is included in the price of the drink.

This is an informal, carefree way of having a bite to eat, which also means you can sample the various specialities of each establishment. We can assure you that the most complicated thing will be choosing from the huge variety of delicious tapas on offer.


A special touch for business events.

Salamanca's historic centre has the UNESCO World Heritage designation and is a unique setting for business meetings and events.

The city's ancient charm, with magnificent monuments, culture and its streets, overflowing with history, make this a highly attractive setting for congresses and professional meetings. You can get here by road from Madrid in a little over two hours. The city offers excellent accommodation infrastructure, as well as modern facilities, ideal for all kinds of meetings and events. The Castile and León Conference and Exhibition Centre and the Domus Artium Centre are two of the venues available for congresses. Salamanca is also outstanding for its lively, university atmosphere, especially by night, when its many bars and nightclubs open their doors.